artificial lake for storing water; usually means an enlarged natural or artificial lake, storage pond or impoundment created using a dam or lock to store water

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Andaman Discoveries
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    Andaman Discoveries provided Regenerative Journeys, Feel good, Feel Connected, get healed, give something back and experience nature authentic Thai,volunteering, study trips and also regional tours in Thailand, which have created numerous employment opportunities through village homestay, handicraft production and guiding. Mandatory contribution to the community fund from guests provides financial support to run village-wide projects. Our programs accrue value to the whole village by giving 50% of profit to the NAN Foundation to supporting our local communities and on going projects.
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    Max nelson
    • Colombia
    • Cuba
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    A habitual globetrotter has a passion for immersing himself in foreign cultures and working with emerging markets.He has traveled to nearly every Latin American country and some travel highlights include: hItchhiking across Eastern Europe, celebrating the Khmer New Year in Cambodia & volunteering with a surfing community in Peru. He founded Hastacuba 3 years ago and has become a member of the Cuban community and loves exploring the local landscape and developing exciting, new programs a.nd sharing them
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