Life is more interesting
beyond the beaten path.

Connecting curious travelers to local experts with special access to the world’s most awe-inspiring places

    By explorers for explorers...

    Untrodden is a first-of-its-kind travel cooperative for curious explorers, nature enthusiasts, and active adventurers who yearn for a deeper connection to the natural world and a greater understanding of traditional livelihoods and cultures.

    We facilitate immersive, life-affirming journeys beyond the beaten path — unlocked and created directly by the expert locals, guides and insiders who know these enchanted places best.

    Our ingredients

    • Wild natureAwe-inspiring landscapes where wilderness endures
    • Rich cultureRemarkable traditions and fascinating perspectives
    • Off the beaten pathEnsuring unique, immersive, and original experiences
    • Special local accessDirectly from experts who know what the guidebooks don’t

    How it works

    Expert crafted and customized in 3 steps



    Mountains or Jungles? Luxe or rustic? It’s takes just a few clicks to share what you have in mind.



    A local expert will craft a unique, off-the-beaten-path journey for you. Consultations are free and without any obligation.



    Securely book your journey online, satisfaction guaranteed. Pack your bags, friend, you’re bound for untrodden lands.

    Remarkable local experts

    Vetted for local expertise and special access

    MandipLocal expert, India
    LykkeLocal expert, Greenland
    RafaLocal expert, Chile
    HaukurLocal expert, Iceland
    Claire and TealLocal expert, Alaska
    DavidLocal expert, Mexico
    SuLocal expert, Vietnam
    LemmeLocal expert, Botswana

    Our purpose

    "Untrodden powers and protects the world’s nature-rich places"

    We believe wilderness and rich cultural heritage are the most valuable resources of our time.

    As travel to emerging destinations expands, our platform helps to ensure this growth is community-led and inclusive - giving voice to those who may never accessed tourism dollars before, and proving tourism can act as a meaningful alternative to resource extraction.

    We acknowledge travel still has its costs, even if well-intended. We commit 5% of profits — the highest in the industry — to seeding local 'destination stewardship councils’ and supporting local-led conservation.