About Untrodden

Conceived in the magical backroads of Patagonia.

We are a team of obsessed wanderers whose lives have been fundamentally transformed for the better by our travels off the beaten path.

Our life-defining experiences occurred when we found ourselves strange, unknown, and inspiring places. We abandoned our guidebooks and immersed ourselves in the local culture — far from the expected and the routine — allowing serendipity to take the wheel. In these journeys, we connected to the land, learned from the remarkable people we endountered, and returned home inspired and with a new perspective.

We know the power of this kind of authentic journey — what we refer to as “Untrodden Travel” — and it is the mission of our lives to facilitate similar, transformative experiences for others.

In our personal travels, we have met many incredible individuals — guides, travel experts, and local community members — with stories to tell, wisdom to give, and experiences to share, but no way to find the curious travelers to share them with. If you tell us what you want, we will connect you with the remarkable people and places within the Untrodden network — growing by the day — and help them show you a new world.

We’ll do the heavy lifting, as long as you show up with both an open mind and heart.