Untrodden Community

At the heart of Untrodden is a community of explorers and prodigious travelers — from renowned photographers and scientists to emerging storyellers, each of whom is driven by an insatiable urge to explore. Their reports, insights, and stories enable us to experience and share the beauty and diversity of our planet, and to learn more about social, environmental, and cultural issues around the globe.

Our Scouts

Chris Michel

38 Journeys | 11.5k

San Francisco, CA & On the Road

First and foremost, I’m a photographer. My adventures have taken my camera and I all over the world,...

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Justin Randolph

47 Journeys | 8.2k

San Francisco

I travel beyond the beaten path to meet unique people and gain unique experiences that I can then sh...

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Simon Prochaska

18 Journeys | 8.2k


Wild Nature - Wild Animals - Mountaineering - Meeting People

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Braedin Toth

4 Journeys | 206.1k

Vancouver, BC

Let's go on an adventure

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Our Storytellers

Haukur Sigurdsson

14 Journeys | 8.7k

Isafjordur, Iceland

Born and raised off the beaten path. Never been on it.

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Francisque Sanchez

101 Journeys | 11.7k


I'm a vagabond from France with a lust for life, here and away is where I feel the most alive. You'l...

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Alex Millard

8 Journeys | 901

Manhattan Beach, CA

lets get stoked

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Alivia Latimer

0 Journeys | 102.2k

Portland, OR

i desire to discover, document, and inspire

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