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Natalie Nicklett
  • USA
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Wild Abundance offers classes and consultations in off-grid living, organic gardening, natural building, permaculture, primitive skills,and eco-homesteading in a community setting on a real, functioning and breathtaking homestead. Our instructors and consultants bring deep knowledge, vast experience and unbridled passion to make learning and reconnecting a joy.
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Tierra del Volcan Ecuador
  • Ecuador
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We are Tierra del Volcan, a company established in 1999 as an inbound tour operator for Ecuador and the Galapagos and specialized in the Cotopaxi area.We offer unique opportunities to explore and live legendary moments in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Tierra del Volcan provides World-class adventures, family-focused journeys, and transformational experiences. We make sure you get personalized service in a welcoming environment while helping nature conservation and sustainable development in local communities.
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Stephanie Ackland
  • Morocco
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Stephanie is a journalist and travel organiser living in Morocco. She is based in the desert town of M’Hamid El Ghizlane, doorway to the Sahara,where she has developed a deep connection to this formidable place, its landscapes, people and tempo. Together with Brahim Laghrissi, local Bedouin, born in the desert and a team of native guides, she shares this passion with international visitors, organising desert experiences, giving insights into nomadic life and Saharian culture and exploring the Sahara's amazing landscapes.
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Community Homestay Network
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    We are a Kathmandu based startup made of hip youth, driven to use tourism for good. Community Homestay is an initiative for community-based Homestaysthat connects global-travelers with the real faces of Nepal providing them hands on local travel experience in Nepal.
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