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Brophy Tyree
  • Chile
  • Colombia
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Brophy is driven by a love of active adventure and immersive cultural travel. He has skied through the remote fjords of Svalbard and been trained as a yoga teacher in Bali.He lived in the backcountry of Patagonia for 80 straight days, climbing un-named and sea kayaking through uninhabited island chains. He has trekked through sacred mountains in the Himalayas, skied virgin lines in Alaska, fished remote rivers in New Zealand, and explored the Colombian Amazon. With Untrodden, he dreams of facilitating similar journeys for others.
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Marianne Costa
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    Vivejar is a social enterprise that helps create a positive impact. We believe companies have the capacity to positively shift and transform the world into a better place.In our case we do it through transformative travel. The purpose of our work is: To improve every community we work with; To encourage every person who travels with us to think about their role in the world; To provide an alternative source of income to the communities we work with as well as support communities and visitors in their search for positive transformation. As a consequence, the world becomes a better place.
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