Faroe Islands

beyond the beaten path

Adrift in the whirling rhythmic North Atlantic Sea, a different world lingers. A place like no other on earth. An idyllic escape, peacefully set among lush green valleys, imposing basalt cliffs, grand treeless moorlands and waterfalls plunging directly into the wind whipped ocean.Unfathomable beauty, mysteriously tucked away like a figment of a child’s imagination.
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Gasadalur, Faroe Islands by Sebastian Boring
Kalsoy, Faroe Islands by Marc Zimmer

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Markus Nyman
  • Denmark
  • Faroe Islands
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With a passion for adventure and exploration I have been active as a guide full time since 2013 and it is my biggest passion in life.Showing others the most amazing areas and experiencing the wild and untouched places really is what drives e and something I hope I will get the chance to convey to you as well. I am well known with the Scandinavian mountain range and have several qualifications such as Mountain Leader Award (Summer and Winter), Avalanche Technician, Wilderness First Responder and University trained as an Adventure and Wilderness Guide. Now, let's talk about your next adventure?
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