Offbeat things to Do in Bhutan

If you love mist-covered mountains and lush forests, Bhutan probably features high on your bucket list. A kingdom known for its GNH (Gross National Happiness), this slice of paradise is just as famous for its pristine beauty and culture. While you can explore all the popular places in Bhutan during your trip, you can also choose to visit offbeat trails, stores and restaurants for a more eclectic holiday. Here’s a list of lesser-known places in Bhutan that will make your itinerary even more exciting.

Top Point of Attractions in Bhutan

1.Day Trips
2.Trekking Trips Through the Himalayas
3.Camping & Outdoor Adventures
4.Guided Religious Pilgrimages
5.Cultural Immersion Tours of Bhutan
6. Leisure Tours.
7.MICE & Business
8.Educational Tours, etc,

Offbeat Places To Visit in Bhutan : A Buddhist Kingdom In The Himalayas

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